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In an interview with Europe 1, Alphonse Areola, spoke about his situation in Paris Saint-Germain and mentioned his future. The Parisian goalkeeper spoke about his contract extension.

Contract extension

“We discussed a contract extension, but we are not in a hurry on both sides, we will wait quietly for the objectives to be achieved and we will see. Of course, if I have the opportunity to stay here and assert myself, I will continue. I am at home here, why would I leave? “

New goalkeeper arrival

“It motivates me even more. Frankly, I hear it, people talks about it, but I do not read it. It does not affect me. Right now, I’m good, I’m doing my job. It will not be my choice. If the club is looking to take someone else, it will be their decision. If they want me to stay, it’s up to them. If we announce someone else here, it will motivate me even more. “

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Future and World Cup

“I’ll answer right now, it’s the game time that matters to me the most. It’s up to you to read my answer. Frankly, I still have goals here in Paris. The season is not over yet and if I do not perform well until the end, it will be harder for me to defend my case. For the moment, I have to be good to hope to be amongst the 23 at the World Cup, and after we’ll see. I do not have a deadline. I must already fulfill my personal and collective goals. “

Alphonse Areola recently met Antero Henrique to discuss his future. To be the number one goal keeper is very important. His second part of the season and latest XXL performances will certainly weight in the balance during the negotiations.

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