Record hunt for the end of the season

The record of 96 points in 2015/2016 is more than ever in great danger knowing that there are still four games to play for PSG. But more than this record of points, it is especially the bar of 100 points which is more than ever attainable for the Parisian club since it will take 3 victories and 1 draw to reach there.

Calendar of the end of season:

Day 35: PSG / Guingamp

Day 36: Amiens / PSG

Day 37: PSG / Rennes

Day 38: Caen / PSG

What will be more complicated to go for the Parisian club is the record number of goals scored a season. This legendary record belongs to the 1959/1960 RC Paris, a scoring machine with 118 goals. With only one goal scored in Bordeaux, PSG put themselves in a “complicated situation” since it will now have to score 14 goals in four games to equal, or 3.5 goals / game. In the worst case, Paris can always try to do better than the Stade de Reims of the same season and its 109 goals, or even AS Monaco last season and its 107 goals.

Top 5 of the best championship attacks on a full season:

RC Paris (1959-1960) with 118 goals

Reims (1959-1960) with 109 goals

AS Monaco (2016-2017) with 107 goals

Lille (1948-1949) with 102 goals (in 34 matches)

PSG (2015-2016) with 102 goals

With 104 goals in 34 games, PSG is already the fourth best attack in the history of Ligue 1, while Neymar has yet played only 20 games …


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