Interview – Verratti

Marco Verratti gave an interview to Extra Time, the supplement of the Italian sports newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport, and the Parisian midfielder is ambitious: Champions League, League 1, records, and … Paul Pogba

Champions League

“We could have done better in Europe but we must not forget that there are major teams in the Champions League, opponents who are at least as strong as we are. We went out against the defending champion. Champions League remains our main goal, we want to go as far as possible, we have the team to do it, but it should not become an obsession. Otherwise, all other titles will seem unimportant. Champions League must be something more, in an already rich season. And, at a certain level, the difference is in the details.”


“Neymar is one of the strongest players in the world, he missed the most important moment of the season. His absence was felt. During his absence, we often talk to each other. I know he wants to come back once he gets better. And also, to have a big World Cup.”

verratti ney

His Season

“I had a difficult start because I was injured and I could not have a complete preparation. After a few weeks, I was in a good shape and it seems to me that I played well in the field. Above all I regrets what happened with the Italian selection. I really hoped to finish the season with the World Cup in Russia.”

League 1

“No, the League 1 title is mostly due to our own merit. We have gone crazy and we are not satisfied: we want to break all the records that are still available. It’s not fair to say that the League 1 is easy. Bayern have been champions before us and with even more points ahead of the latter. City was immediately after and La Liga played for a while. And let’s not forget that the championship was won by Monaco last year.”


“I assume that it is normal that all the big players want to come to the PSG, because here, there is a big project, as there is few in Europe, and a very competitive team. Plus, the city is amazing. In Paris, there is the possibility of winning something important. But it’s up to the club to decide how to strengthen the team. Anyone who joins us will always be welcomed, but they will also have to do their best.”

verratti pogba

Paul Pogba

“it’s easier to play with big players, his caliber. Together, we will win the Champions League with PSG.”


“Continue to be in good physical shape, to have fun in the field and then, and that’s normal, to win something important. But to achieve this, everyone has to work hard. PSG gave me everything and allowed me to discover football high level. After seven years here, it would be a great way to give back to the club and fans who always believed in me”.


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