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French newspaper, Journal du Dimanche reviewed the situation of Financial Fair Play and there are good news: the last meeting allowed the two parties to get closer about the Qatari’s contracts. However, there is no guarantee that PSG will not be punished.

The newspaper said that Octagon, a company mandated by UEFA to evaluate the real value of Qatar’s contracts, allegedly underestimated the contracts in the eyes of the Club Financial Control Body (CFCB). The latter would have a more “nuanced” position on the issue according to the weekly. PSG would be willing to accept the devaluation of the contract with Qatar Tourism Authority.

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UEFA sees that PSG has been working hard and moving forward positively for months. The club progresses from an economic point of view and recovers the fruits of its past investment.

Sanctioned by the FPF in 2014, the club should not escape a new sanction from the European football authority, put under pressure by other major European clubs. The organization is not very happy with the fact that the club has once again played with the fire. But the possible sanction should not too much impact the Paris sports project according to the JDD, especially since UEFA seems to note the many efforts of the PSG. Verdict in June.

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