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Paris Saint-Germain has formalized the arrival of Thomas Tuchel for two seasons. Unknown to the general public, the former coach of Borussia Dortmund is seen as a genius in Germany. Our expert (Yahoo Sport) in German football, Polo Breitner, portrays the new strongman of PSG.

Thomas Tuchel in Ligue 1, is this good news?

Polo Breitner: This is great news for the Ligue 1, even if we will focus on PSG. Let’s not forget that he is considered as the best coach in Germany even though he has been off for a year.

How is it perceived in Germany?

P.B.: Technically speaking, he is considered as the best in Germany, ahead of Jurgen Klopp (Liverpool coach). Its management of the players might be the difficult point as well as the relation with them. In France we mostly talk about that. But it is true that we are in a new generation of coaches who are “ultimate”, who are dedicated to their sport, who seek inspiration in other sports. Thomas Tuchel is very much in this logic. He is a worthy successor to Guardiola, he is 100% dedicated to his sport. Today, in the 21st century, that’s what it is.

What is his style of play?

P. B.: He always adopts a 4-3-3 organization. It is influenced by the counter pressing, it means that as soon as you lose the ball, the six in front will do everything to get it back. But compared to Jurgen Klopp, what he has in addition is that he has a variability in the game much bigger and that is the Pep Guardiola’ influence: “I run, I attack, I play a lot on the wings …” Always a lot of attack and especially he is able to change game patterns depending on the opponent and during the game.


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Will he have time in Paris?

P. B. You ask the question! This is a real debate. Because the question arises: will they use young people for example? It is Paris DNA that will be challenged. He is going to have a lot of pressure and we will judge him in his relationship with Neymar, in his relation with the locker-room, etc. But most importantly, it is the choice of the shareholder. Are we going to give him time? Time is key. If Paris is a mature club, PSG fans should accept that it happens little by little. While knowing that he has an obligation of result.

What goals for him in the Champions League?

P. B.: Of course, the public and the press in France will judge Thomas Tuchel in the light of his results in the Champions League. It is obvious. We do not talk about the championship, the Cups … We will judge it in relation to that. I would like to make one point: Thomas Tuchel is a school of thought, the whole German football revolution came through Hoffenheim, Red Bull Salzburg, Leipzig, today in Liverpool … young people are used and we model them in a very offensive school of thought to please the public. And you can find yourself in conflict with very high management goals because young people need time. Do we have time at PSG, it’s complicated. It’s a real question. He does not hesitate to launch young people. Does it happen to clean up or to build a game philosophy to integrate the youth of the reserve? It is the PSG leaders that must give the goals.

What is Tuchel’s character?

P. B.: It is a grip and when I see all the comments on the “chicha smokers” PSG, it is obvious that when we know Thomas Tuchel, it should not happen at PSG anymore. Was he chosen for his flamboyant game or to clean PSG? He is also here to clean up, I think. Players must behave like twenty-first century football players. Paris is not a night club, PSG is not one.

What about Wenger?

P. B.: They could live together. It has a strong aura in Germany. Nobody understood why he had not been named Bayern coach in his career. He is Alsatian, he speaks perfectly French and German. It would be a great thing in a pair where Tuchel would go to 200 and Wenger would have a very interesting English phlegmatic side.


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Translated from Yahoo Sport

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