Financial Fair Play – UEFA decision known by Tuesday

While the CFCB met Thursday and Friday to decide on PSG case, the decision is still pending and will be disclosed on Tuesday. It is important to note that it is not about Neymar and Mbappé transfers, but the contractual values ​​of the Qataris sponsors. UEFA believes that these were overvalued based on an Octagon study, PSG disagrees with another report from Nielsen (Also UEFA affiliate). The European body decides and Paris is expecting to be sanctioned.

It is the contract with Qatar Tourism Authority (QTA) that is subject to the biggest discount. It would go from 100M € to less than 50. According to some sources, Octagon would have even encrypted only between 20 and 30M €. For what reasons ? Misunderstanding is even more acute at PSG since this partnership was validated in 2014 by UEFA at € 100 million. The amount has not changed since, while the club continued to grow and increase its income, as well as its international renown.

Nielsen, who also analyzed these partnerships, does not have the same reading of their values. Nielsen considers that Qatari contract amounts for PSG are justified.

According to JDD, PSG will not be excluded from the next Champions League. The Club Financial Control Body did not accept this outcome, which would have been the worst. But UEFA will punish PSG. According to several sources, the Paris club should be subject to very strict supervision of its transfers to the extent that it would be set targets to balance expenses and revenues.

The magnitude of these objectives remains unknown, but it is rumoured that PSG could be forced to considerable efforts. Its leaders will be informed by Tuesday at the latest, date by which UEFA should communicate.

The European body had opened an investigation nine months ago. This device was set up in the early 2010 to force the clubs involved in its competitions (Champions League, Europa League) not to spend more than they earn (even with a wealthy owner), nor show a deficit over 30 million euros, accumulated over three financial years.




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