PSG Official Statement: L’Equipe, misinformation media

In an article published this Friday night on its website, L’Equipe dares to state that “PSG is ready to lose Kylian Mbappé or Neymar Jr to avoid sanctions (financial fair play)” …

Beyond denying with the utmost firmness these claims totally erroneous, ridiculous and only likely to recreate a climate of great tensions between the Club and this media, the Paris Saint-Germain wonders, once again, about L’Equipe’s intellectual honesty and the ulterior motives of its editorial line regarding Paris Saint-Germain. Examples abound of a treatment devoid of equilibrium and which aims only to spread a deleterious atmosphere. Last example to date, on Wednesday, the day of the match in Strasbourg, with a “first page” that claimed to sell a so-called “Cavani’s awkwardness”. By the way, in view of the colossal number of “first pages” devoted to it each year by the sports daily, a sign of its extremely popular dimension, Paris Saint-Germain is entitled to question the somewhat schizophrenic approach of the editorial board of L’Equipe and its hierarchy.

Four days away from the match that awaits in Belgrade in the Champions League, Paris Saint-Germain invites its community – supporters, partners, former players … – to gather more than ever around the Red and Blue jersey, its players and values ​​and ambitions that the Club will always carry with pride. The massive support of our fans on the social networks and in our stands nourish the strength of Neymar Jr, Cavani, Mbappé and all our players. Faced with the misinformation orchestrated by L’Equipe, and its relentless attempt to undermine its image, Paris Saint-Germain, the most popular and most successful club in France, reaffirms its desire to move forward and dialogue only with interlocutors in good faith.

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