“Ney” to be happy

Paris Saint Germain has published a superb piece about his Brazilian star, Neymar Jr. A message of support, certainly, but above all a message of love. Here is the English version. You will find the French version on psg.fr

And to make happy: his partners, his supporters and … football fans. Such genius inevitably engenders jealousy. But Neymar Jr with Paris, individually and collectively, it’s simply happiness!

Injured since January 23 (Paris-Strasbourg 2-0, Coupe de France Round of 16), Neymar Jr, in Lyon, will be missed by the Red and Blue … But not only to them: even if very few would admit it, he will be missed by the spectators of Groupama Stadium. Yes, because Neymar Jr all by himself, let alone for the good of his team and de facto to illuminate a game, he is a live show as the football he produces is genius, even magic.

The one that has delighted Parisian fans since August 5, 2017, when he chose to tie his fate to the club of the capital “to go further in my career.” The one, also, feeds the conversations that everyone, while remaking the match in the opposite side, annoyed by the result, perhaps, but amazed by so much talent.

In December 2015, Dani Alves said these words, when he was training daily with Messi and Neymar Jr, while at Barça, they were battling for La Liga with the Madrid’s player Cristiano Ronaldo: “There are magic players, touched by a wand. Neymar Jr is one of them (…). And every season, it’s like good wine: it gets better! He confided to O Globo, a Brazilian daily.


Laure Boulleau, former international and leader of Paris Saint-Germain women team, where she is now the sports coordinator, recently spoke for AU CŒUR DU CLUB, the official magazine of the Rouge et Bleu, what seduced her to the highest point with Neymar Jr: “To talk about him, it is to speak about football samba, a football that fills up the stadiums and makes people smile. Players of this caliber are exceptions. It’s great to see a whole stadium being simultaneously stunned by a technical gesture. From his first appearance in the Parc, against Toulouse (6-2, August 20, 2017, he scored twice), I felt this affinity growing with the public. What impressed me most, beyond his performance, is to meet fans who all had a frozen smile, once the match ended. It was really a crazy sensation!” The one who learned his technique on futsal floors, a cultural initiation in Brazil, never forgets to repeat: “When the game begins, we are 11 against 11 and at that time, in my team everyone has the same value.”

The proof, if it is still needed, by the numbers? After a first season tormented by a serious injury that kept him off the field for three months, his record is eloquent after the Champions League Group Stage this season: he is involved in 7 goals (5 goals scored, 2 assists), the best at this stage of the competition tied with Edin Dzeko (AS Roma), Lionel Messi (FC Barcelona) and Kylian Mbappé.


In Ligue 1, since his arrival in Paris, he scored 32 goals in 33 games and became the player to have reached the fastest such total in the elite over the past 45 seasons. He was also involved (after his last L1 game played Jan. 21, Paris-Guingamp 9-0) in 1 goal every 57 minutes (32 goals and 19 assists in 2,015 minutes), the best ratio at this stage of the season among the players of the five major European championships (involved in at least by five goals).

Clapping, singing … After the first leg against Lyon (5-0, October 7th), Neymar Jr, happy after having – again – been fabulous, had communed with the Parc. He had however scored “only” one goal (on a penalty shot), with a quadrupled from Mbappé. “But the one who knows Neymar knows that he has an extraordinary heart, that he helps a lot of people, he thinks a lot about others. An idol like him is usually selfish, but not him, he strives to make everyone happy. He’s a good person. Thousands of children love and imitate him (…)”, Atletico Madrid’s defender, Filipe Luis, one of his partners in seleçao, recently told Brazilian media Globo Esporte.

What makes Thomas Tuchel optimistic in his desire to cultivate a very strong collective identity: “I said in my first press conference: I want fans to fall in love with the team and not just the players. The latter considers “Ney” as “my key player, one of the best in the world, a creative … an artist.”

All is said while waiting for the artist’s return to the Parisian field, when he will recover from his injury. For the greatest happiness of all, talent out of the norm obliges.

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