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Dani Alves: Interview – January 2018

“Contrary to what people think, I thank him (Neymar Jr) for advising me to come here. I did not advise him to come, he advised me to come here. The only thing I said to him was, “Be happy, make the right decision, stay in Barca or go to Paris.” I had no interference. (…) it was clear that he wanted to come to PSG and he told me that I would be a big recruit for this club (…). To come to Barca, I had interfered, but not in this case, it comes from him (…). It was not a plan, but when he advised me to come here, it was supposedly because ” He was coming.”

“For Barca, losing a player of this level, no doubt that it is hard, but football is like that, just as when Barca gets players of this level from other teams. I can guarantee that we do not come for money, but because we are driven by challenges, by the passion of this sport … There comes a time when you can not bring much more to a team, and therefore you go away, but without rancor. We have no rancor “.

“I do not know if it’s better to play close to or away from Messi, Neymar Jr wanted a different challenge, and we have to respect when someone wants to live outside Barça. The world doesn’t end at Barca. The club is great (…), but the players do not have to stay there. When Barça gets rid of players, they do not complain as well. When decisions are made, they must always be respected. ”



Nasser Al-Khelaifi Statement – December 2017

While 2017 will soon come to an end, this second half of the year has breathed a deep renewal of Paris Saint-Germain, on the ground, as in all sectors that make up the life of a great football club. In all our activities, our action is guided by an idea-force: move the lines.

Move the lines, this is the deep will of our club, on all fronts. Move the lines, no offense to the supporters of an old established order who gesticulate, sometimes with an excess that does not honor them, with the hope that precisely no line moves in the big book of the international charts. To all those who don’t like that Paris Saint-Germain is ambitious and thoughtful, we will tirelessly and convincingly bring the same answer: our club, and French football as a whole, claims the right to grow and to nourish dreams, like so many others before us in Europe.

We have always imagined and developed our project in accordance with national and international rules, and it will always be so. Yes, we will still try to move the lines because there is nowhere written a rule that would require a club to accept ad vitam aeternam the pressures and domination of others. To you, our fans, with your fervor and your fidelity, moving the lines will consist of overturning mountains to write the most beautiful stories



PSG turned everything upside down … and they needed it – November 2017

Paris had lost its smile. He had been dragging his blues since early spring. Between the disastrous elimination in Barcelona in the Champions League and the loss of its title in favour of Monaco, PSG was given too many reasons to be depressed. His project had taken lead in the wing and the first month of his mercato did not really incite a return to euphoria. It needed a reaction. It has been most spectacular.

Somehow, PSG did not upset anything. He did not allow himself to be won over by panic after his failures last season. He maintained his confidence in Unai Emery, although widely criticized during a complicated first year on the Paris bench. He retained all of his workforce and relied on stability. But he has a more competitive sporting direction with Antero Henrique and Maxwell. That’s what he missed.

It is little to say that the contrast is striking with its market last summer. Marked by the inability of Parisian leaders to recruit top players to compensate for the departures of Zlatan Ibrahimovic and David Luiz. This summer, Paris has not lost any major elements so far. He managed a nice shot by signing a Dani Alves yet promised the Manchester City Josep Guardiola. And two others, resisting the assaults of Barça for Marco Verratti, before snatching Neymar.

A kick in the anthill

The Brazilian will still have to wait before starting in his new colours. But his arrival has already changed everything. It has swept everything, starting with the European market chessboard. Where PSG has a new place now. That of a club able to get one of the biggest stars of the FC Barcelona by exploding the record of the most expensive transfer of the history. More than a clap of thunder, it is a true earthquake in the world of the powerful. Where the tenors of European football were more used to managing their affairs between themselves.

Paris does not have the palmarès to integrate this club very closed. But he kicked in the anthill. He offered himself the famous right to dream bigger than he could hardly claim last summer. Dani Alves and Neymar are leading players in the Champions League, a competition that the two Brazilians have already won at least once with FC Barcelona. They dramatically raise the overall level of PSG. And already make the club of the capital one of the great attractions of the next Champions League.

While waiting to regain Europe, Paris has already changed its image. And of dimension. Its leaders were able to relaunch a project that was beginning to stammer. By employing uncommon means, it will be up to the club of the capital to regain all its authority over the field. Because, after having ignited the market of the transfers, it is on the ground that Paris will have to accomplish its reconquest.

Translated from Vincent Bregevin – Eurosport



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